Who We Are

When you hear the word ‘KENNEL’ what comes to your mind? a lot of dogs in chains and cages? Well, we intend to change that. We believe, not only in good care and nutrition but also in freedom as well. Our dogs enjoy the freedom within the safety of large enclosures. it’s not us but they decided when to nap and when to play.

Our passion for looking after animals runs deep, and our teamwork is particularly hard to ensure that your pet’s needs are met. This allows us to offer all animals a safe and secure home away from home whilst they’re staying with us.

We have the right accommodation and facilities to offer great care for dogs

We have experienced almost all the Dog kennels. we knew how it needs to be designed and what other kennels are missing. We have the best kennels in Kerala that make the dogs more comfortable. Our kennels are well ventilated and maintained regularly

Ambient light setup inside the kennel rooms so that it will help the dogs to be calm and relax inside the kennels.

Dogs are gregarious who thrive on attention and affection

All the dog boarding kennels are dismantled, washed, and spray with disinfectant. This make sure the dogs are staying in the cleanest place like their home. Our staff monitor all the dogs in the kennels to make sure it is comfortable inside the dog kennel. And the dogs never feel like it’s stay in the hostel, we will make it feel like it’s a second home for them.

Our pet stay has a well-maintained dog kennel which will make dogs more comfortable. We take care of your dogs, keeping them in good diet, walking, and playtime. If your dog has separation anxiety we encourage you to bring something that smells like home.