American Bully Breed

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American Bully Breed

Almost everyone wants a friendly, kid-friendly and easy-to-maintain dog breed. Their go-to breeds are a Labrador retriever, dachshund, beagle, etc. But what if your dog can also have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Or the fit muscular bodies of our Malayalam movie stars like Prithviraj Sukumaran or tovino Thomas? Yes, such a dog breed do exist, It’s called American Bully, a Friendly, obedient, muscular dog breed. The American bully breed is getting very popular in kerala, thanks to this muscular looks and obedient nature. While our stars had to work out every day to maintain that body, genetics has blessed even the laziest American Bully with a muscular body. They get that body just by sitting and eating. ( feeling jealous after reading this is normal šŸ˜). But if you give them moderate exercises too, their body will pop like anything.

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American Bully Variations in Physique and Temprement

Within the American bully breed, there are different categories based on compactness and height. These categories are called micro, pocket, standard and XL. We will talk about it in detail some other time. Today isn’t a day to talk about technicalities.

There is probably no other dog breed which has so many different looks, different physique, and variety of colours as the American bullies. Even within the same category, different bloodlines of bullies have different structures and looks. That’s why each American bully litter is an exciting moment for a breeder. Each American bully puppy brings something new, something different to the breeding programme.

Much like the stark difference in looks, the Temperament of each American bully can be different. But one thing fairly common for all of them is that they are friendly to their human family including kids. They have almost zero humans agression, however some of them have moderate amount of other animal agression and they also have pray drive towards cats , hens etc too.

Many people think that American bullies are dangerous. It’s either because of their mean looks or because people wrongly identify them as Pitbulls. American bullies are an entirely different breed. They are bread from Pitbulls, Amestaff, bulldogs, french bulldogs etc to be a companion dog with a muscular body. So next time you hear someone saying American Bullies are dangerous, please educate them with the correct information. Click here to know about our american bully puppy priceĀ in kerala.

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