Mating & Stud service in Kochi -Beagle & Bully Dogs

Choose a suitable mating partner for your dog. We The Hominids Kennel provide the best champion line stud dogs for mating in Kochi, Kerala. Our team provides complete assistance in every step of the process. We also provide boarding facilities and transportation services to our clients.

Breeding is one of the moments to be cherished and some may think it’s complicated, due to ignorance. We have beagles and American bully Stud, males. Our beagles are kci certified.

A good reason to stud your dog is to improve the breed. That means ironing out flaws in your dog and bringing in new desired features by breeding it with a dog of a different bloodline, with the end goal to produce flawless puppies. The desired traits in a dog are not just physical but temperamental too. A good dog is a combination of mental and physical abilities suitable for a given purpose or job.

As responsible breeders, we don’t practice inbreeding, as it contributes to genetic diseases. Our primary aim is a healthy offspring, everything else is secondary. We believe there is no point in producing a dog which may conform to a certain beauty standard if that very standard makes the dog unhealthy and non-functional.

We always try to bring a fresh gene pool into our breeding programs. If you have a female dog and you are looking for a suitable male dog, please contact us through WhatsApp.

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