Beagle Puppy Maintenance – Ear Cleaning

Beagle Puppy Maintenance – Ear Cleaning

Ear Cleaning

Beagle puppies are like hotcakes in Kerala. Beagle puppy sale figures in Kerala could be in the hundreds on daily basis. Many of these buyers are first-time pet owners and they don’t have a clue about how to take care of beagle puppy breed. Only a fraction of these people buy puppies from legitimate breeders who are willing to guide them on the care and maintenance of these puppies. So for the rest of them, google is the only source of information. We started this blog to help out many such pet owners, who may not have the support of a knowledgeable person to guide them.

We, the hominid’s Dog Kennel in Kerala offer all our customers, personal assistance on call or WhatsApp regarding any issue they face with the care and maintenance of the puppies they have brought from us. Feel Free to Check out our puppies available for sale here.Beagles have big dropped ears, and sometimes they get ear infections if dirt and moisture get into their ear. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a common occurrence, but precaution is always good. Ear cleaning lotions are available in all pet shops or on amazon. Get any of the good brands. We use Vivaldi’s. I will share the link here if anybody wants to buy it.Vivaldi’s Clarify: Tris EDTA – Ear Cleansing Solution with Antibacterial Properties – 100ml.

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Now, lift your beagle’s ear to expose the ear opening. Fill the ear canal up to the brim with the ear-cleaning liquid. Gently massage the liquid-filled portion/ ear canal of the dog. A dog’s ear canal goes a bit downwards, so you have to massage the area under the ear/cheeks too. After the massage just leaves the head of the dog. Naturally, the dog will shake off his head and with the shake, the lotion carrying the dirt and derbies will get out of the ear.

This action will work only if you fill the dog’s ear canal with enough liquid. After that take clean cotton and wipe off the remaining dirt if any, at the opening of the ear. Just use your fingers, and don’t put earbuds or anything deep into the ear canal, which may damage the diaphragm or any other sensitive parts of the inner ear. Follow the same procedure for both ears. Clean your dog’s ears once a month, it will not only keep ear infections at bay but also will prevent certain eye infections too, because the ear canal is very close to the eyes internally.

If you are looking to buy healthy beagle puppies please check out our beagle puppies sale in kerala. We provide personal transportation exclusively to our customers and we avoid pet transportation services to protect our puppies from contagious and deadly diseases like parvo and distemper.

Beagle Puppy Maintenance – Ear Cleaning


This procedure explained above can be followed for all breeds.

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