Best Beagle Puppies for Sale and Price in Kerala

best beagle puppies for sale in kerala

Beagle puppies for Sale at affordable price in Kerala

Are you looking for the best beagle puppies for sale at affordable price in kerala?

We have good-quality beagle puppies for sale at affordable price in kerala. Our pricing is slightly above the market rate, but our puppies are way better than whatever you will find on the market. That’s because we keep high standards in all aspects of our breeding programme. We give prime importance to the health and well-being of our breeding stock and puppies. I know it’s tempting to save a few bucks and buy a cheaper puppy. But be aware that, a cheap puppy means cost-cutting, and the cost-cutting will compromise health. Unfortunately, the puppy will suffer, and the customer who wanted to save a few bucks will also end up paying double the money he saved in medical bills, besides you can’t even put a price tag on emotional suffering as well.

Beagles are a popular dog breed among families with kids. No other breeds are as playful as beagles while also being friendly, compact and exceptionally Beautiful.

When your kids ask for a cute dog, parents’ first google search is about kid-friendly dog breeds, and more often than not, they are going to select the beagle in their wish list. Then the second search, especially from a middle-class family in Kerala is going to be the price of a beagle puppy. If you are reading this, probably you are also here to research the price. So let’s get into that without further ado.

A pet quality, kci certified Beagle puppy price in Kerala has been around 25k to 30k in Kerala for some time. During the corona period, however, there was a surge in demand for puppies, because the schools and offices were shut and people were stuck at home. During that period everyone regardless of their age needed emotional support, and evidently, many of them find it in a pet dog. Thus the prices of all breeds have skyrocketed and the price of beagle also reached 35k to 40k and beyond.

Then comes the corona recovery period and everybody got back to their busy life once again. Many of those who brought the puppies couldn’t afford to take care of them anymore because of their busy life so everybody put up their puppies for either sale or adoption. As a result, prices have fallen to the 20k to 25k mark now ( November 2022).

We also have a dog kennel in kerala.

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