Buy Healthy Beagle & American Bully Puppies at best price in Kochi,Kerala

We Thehominids dog kennel in kerala provides the  Beagle and American bully puppies for sale at best price in kerala.Beagles are naughty, playful and cute-looking high-energy dogs. Most of our beagle clients are kids who drag their parents to our doorsteps. A beagle is also a good distraction for the kids from excessive mobile phones and tv usage.

American bully is a muscular breed. They look aggressive but they are a very human-friendly dog breed. They have very little fur, so they are super compatible with indoor living as well.

We avoid common pet transportation, instead, we Provide safe home delivery of our puppies on our vehicle to avoid the risk of diseases like parvo and distemper.

Beagle and American Bully Puppies for sale in Kochi,Kerala

Our puppies come from free-roaming parent dogs. An active dog is a healthy and happy dog. We give so much importance to the health and freedom of our dogs. You can see its benefits on the puppies we produce.

Beagle puppy & American Bully puppy price range

 Our beagle puppy price is around the 20k to 30k range. Our American Bully puppy price range starts from 40k. However, it can fluctuate depending upon various factors.

All you want is a healthy puppy that makes your family complete, and that is exactly what The hominid’s kennels provide. Our relationship with our clients never ends with  beagle & bully puppy’s sale, rather it just begins it. We continue to guide and support our customers for life long. Bring home pure breed and healthy puppies

We ensure that the pups are healthy, of good pedigree, fully vaccinated.

We provide safe home delivery all over Kerala.

If you are looking to buy healthy beagle and american bully puppies below you can check out our beagle and american bully puppies for sale in kochi,kerala, and contact us for further details