Dog Boarding - The Hominids Kennel in kochi

Dog Boarding near me in Kochi Kerala

The hominid’s dog kennel is one of the best dog boarding kennels in Kochi, Kerala. We have varying kennel sizes depending upon the size of the breed, with their independent run for fresh air and sunshine. They will have access to the indoors and outdoors, depending on what they are in the mood for. They can choose to snooze in peace, or they get to see what’s going on around them and enjoy the day, weather permitting, and most importantly get fresh air and stimulation.

The kennels are spacious enough for your dog to bring his bed or crate and his favourite toys so he/she can relax and enjoy his meals without the competition of other dogs.

We also have a cordoned-off common play area for temperamentally compatible dogs, and if permitted by the pet parents during the check-in process. The play will always be supervised making sure it is safe and fun for all parties involved.

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We understand that in a busy life, it’s not always possible to personally drive your pet to the daycare or pick him up. That’s why we offer to pick up and drop services at nearby places for the convenience of our clients.

Safety Measures

We always ask for anti-rabies and other vaccination details before admitting a dog to the dog hostel. We don’t admit puppies who are too young to have completed their vaccines. We also take notes of the temperament of the dog so that we can make sure that the dog a well the humans involved are safe.

Food and Water

We provide good quality Dog food as well as home-cooked food. If your dog is used to a particular brand of food, you can leave that food with us, we will serve it as per your instructions.

We ensure that clean drinking water is always accessible 24/7.


Our dog cages are washed twice with a pressure washer. We use pet-friendly kennel wash to avoid skin allergies caused by regular cleaning liquids.
We also advise and encourage dog owners to use anti-tick sprays so that ticks are kept away.


It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to keep your dog in a dog hostel near kochi , for a few days. We provide flexible and affordable rates tailored for each customer.