How to take care of Beagle puppy Breed

How to care and Maintain Beagle Puppies


How to care and Maintain Beagle Puppies?Beagles are a popular dog breed in Kerala. They come from England, they were originally bred to hunt rabbits and small animals like foxes. Nowadays, we don’t do the hunting, so obviously the role of beagles also changed in our life. Beagles with their cute looks, high energy, playful nature and small size found their new purpose in life as perfect playmates for kids. Their popularity in Kerala is also because beagles are well adapted to the climate we have here, and they are almost as healthy and hardy as local breeds in Kerala. You can also check out for beagle puppies  sale in kerala.

At the puppy stage, you need to feed them 4-5 times and deworm them every 14 days, they also need a few shots of injunctions for protection against parvo, distemper, etc diseases. After three months, deworm once a month, feed 3-4 times a day, after six months deworm every two months or 3 months(if the environment and food are clean ), feed them 3 times a day. Once they are adults cut down the feeding to two times a day, or even one time in a day also is fine. Keep an eye on their weight, and keep it at an ideal weight range. It’s hard to say an ideal weight because beagles come in 13-inch height to 16-inch height. 8kg to 12kg for females and 10kg to 15kg for males, could be an ideal weight, but it is also possible that your dog is within the range and still obese, because of the difference in height and structure of each dog. An easy way to tell if your dog is obese is to look at the side profile of the dog and see the area of his/their belly joining the rear legs. That part should be narrow in shape.

Just A bath once in two weeks, and one or two brushings in a week is all it needs for grooming. If you are keeping the dog inside, daily brushing is needed to reduce hair fall.
Another important thing is to potty train your beagle puppy from 2 months of age. After the food, take him to the appropriate place and you both wait for nature’s call to happen. When he is finished, give him a ” good boy ” and a treat too. This could be a boring routine for you but this is the only way he learns to go about his business in the proper place by himself.

Apart from these basic things, I have come across some frequently asked questions by first-time beagle owners. I also had some of these doubts years back when I thought of bringing a beagle home.
Let me tackle them here.

Do beagles howl?

Google says, yes, but in my experience, they don’t. If you ignore dogs in a cage forever, any dog will get stressed out and howl. Give them some attention, freedom, and a toy to play with, they won’t trouble you.

Are they guard dogs? They guard their bones and toys, that’s it..that’s all the guarding they do. But, yes, they will bark and alert if a stranger comes in.

Are they aggressive? Will they bite? They are a very friendly breed, they are as friendly as a labrador or a golden retriever. However, there can be rare exceptions. It’s all about how you bring them up from the puppy stage.

I am sure you have many more doubts and concerns about the care and Maintainance of your beagle ( or any dog for that matter). So feel free to call me or WhatsApp me anytime. You don’t have to be one of our customers to pick my brain, I am happy to share and happy to learn from your experiences too.We are selling beagle  puppies at best price in kerala

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