Raw food or Cooked food for dogs?

raw food or cooked food for dogs?

Should you feed your beagles, American bully, or another breed of dog, raw meat and raw food? It has been a controversial topic among dog lovers and breeders.

Advocates of raw food argue that eating raw is the natural way of life for dogs/wolves in the wild, hence what’s ‘ natural ‘ is best for them. But they are forgetting that we humans aka homosapiens of the hominid family, were also raw eaters until we learned how to cook. We always modified and bettered these so-called natural ways of life. Every human achievement, whether it’s agriculture, housing, wheels, medical care, birth control,c-section childbirth, literally everything is against the so-called ” Natural “. So my point is, natural doesn’t mean it’s better, humans always left natural ways in favor of more efficient, safe, convenient, safer, faster, and humane, ways in all areas of life. Hell, some of the breeds of dogs wouldn’t even exist if it was not for the invention of artificial incemination and c-section surgeries.

Eating meat and eating it cooked helped our rapid brain development. Our brain is the single most energy-hungry part of our system, an average brain consumes around 20% – 25% of our energy.Cooked food is easily digestible and easy to chew, thus Half part of digestion is done outside the stomach itself.A small part of the Nutrients in cooked food is lost, but nutrients in cooked food are absorbed by the body in a better and faster way. For example, 50% of the protein in raw egg can be absorbed by the body, whereas if the egg is cooked, the protein absorption Efficiency is 90%. Eating raw eggs daily could cause biotin deficiency too.

According to DR.Becky bell, MS, RD, “Neither a completely raw nor completely cooked diet can be justified by science.That’s because both raw and cooked fruits and vegetables have various health benefits, including a lower risk of chronic disease (33).The truth is that whether food should be consumed raw or cooked may depend on the food. “

Her advice is that meat, egg, and dairy should be on the list of foods that needs to be cooked to consume. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/raw-food-vs-cookedfood#TOC_TITLE_HDR_8

Since we are talking about dogs, and a dog’s diet is mostly dependent on meat, and egg it’s safe to say that a dog’s diet should mostly consist of cooked food. Besides, dogs are often fed leftover second-grade meat parts from slaughterhouses rather than prime-cut human consumption-grade meat. These slaughterhouse scraps often contain harmful bacteria, viruses, and worms, because of the nature of these parts and also because of how these scrap meat parts are handled carelessly. So the wise thing to do is to feed your dog cooked meat only.

We at the hominid’s Dog Kennel in Kerala  feed our beagles and American bullies cooked food only. Their food is a combination of kibbles and other meat, eggs, curd, and vegetables. Our beagle puppies and American bully puppies hugely benefit from this scientifically designed feeding program.

If you are looking to buy healthy beagle and american bully puppies please check out our beagle and american bully puppies for sale in kochi,kerala. We provide personal transportation exclusively to our customers and we avoid pet transportation services to protect our puppies from contagious and deadly diseases like parvo and distemper.

raw food or cooked food for dogs?

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