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Dog Boarding near me in Kochi Kerala

Pet Boarding

The hominids kennel pet stay is the best dog boarding, with varying kennel sizes depending upon the size of the breed with their own independent run for fresh Air and sunshine. They will have access to the indoors and outdoors, depending on what they are in the mood for. They can choose to snooze in peace, or they get to see what’s going on around them and enjoy the day, weather permitting, and most importantly get fresh air and stimulation.

The kennels are spacious enough for your dog to bring his own bed or crate and his favourite toys so he/she can relax and enjoy his meals without the competition of other dogs.

We also have a cordoned off common play area for dogs that are temperamentally compatible, and if permitted by the pet parents during the check in process. The play will always be supervised making sure it is safe and fun for all parties involved.

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Stud Service

Choose a suitable mating partner for your dog. We provide the best champion line stud dogs for mating Our team provides complete assistance in every step of the process,

Breeding is one of the moment to be cherished and some may think its complicated due to ignorance. We have beagles and american bully Stud males

A good reason to stud your dog, on the other hand, is to improve the breed. That means ironing out flaws in your dog by breeding it with a dog that lacks those flaws, with the end goal to produce flawless puppies.

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Dogs & Puppies are Available

All you want is a healthy puppy that makes your family complete, and that is exactly what The hominids kennels we provide puppies & dogs for sale. Bring home pure breed and healthy puppies

We ensure that the pups are healthy, of good pedigree, fully vaccinated.