How to travel with dogs in a car ?

We sometimes have to travel with our pet dogs. Sometimes on a pleasure trip, sometimes to a vet, and if you couldn’t find a pet sitter you might even need to take him along with you even to a business meeting.


1. Make the dog accustomed to traveling

Taking your dog on small trips from the puppy stage itself will make him comfortable with traveling real fast. Don’t worry, even if you failed to do that, adult dogs will also get comfortable with traveling gradually, you just have to be a little more patient with them.

Different breeds behave differently to travel. Beagles for example are ok with travel, but most of them are restless, as is their nature.If they are not in a travel cage, they will keep moving around, they will want to sit on your lap while you drive, and they would like to look out through the windows. The main issue I face is that they leave their hair everywhere on the carpet and it’s a nightmare to clean.
American bully on the other hand is terrible at traveling. Somehow my dogs are ok with traveling most of the time. But I have seen my fellow breeders and bully owners struggling with it. These dogs get tired and travel sick all the time. They pant heavily, their heart rate elevated, bleeding from the nose and whatnot. It’s a life-threatening affair if you are not careful.

2. Drive slowly on curvy, uneven roads

The predominant issue with traveling is the wobbly nature of the ride. It upsets all dogs, more so with the American bullies.
So when you have to travel, pick up a good straight highway if it’s possible even if it’s a long route. Try to travel early morning or late evening. Avoid sudden braking, and jerky gear shifts(an automatic will be better), take the corners slowly, and gradually reduce the speed from a long distance when you approach a curve. Use google Maps to see if the curve is a tight one and regulate the speed accordingly. Now you know why rally drivers have a co-pilot reading out the map in advance.

3. No Food before travel

Don’t feed your dog before traveling. Try to feed him at least 3 to 4 hrs before traveling. It’s ok if you have to skip a meal, dogs can take it. The only essential thing they need during travel is water. Give them plenty of water at regular intervals, especially if they drool and pant heavily.

4. Dont roll down the windows completely

Dogs do like the wind on their face. But even when you are there to moniter, don’t roll down the windows of a running car completely. Dogs can get excited over something on the way and try to jump out through the window. You might not be fast enough to react. So if you want, leave a small gap open and push the child lock button to prevent the windowds from rolling down accidently with the touch of his paws on the switch.

5. Take precautions while leaving your pet in the car

One thing you should remember to do when you park with your dog inside is that you should park in the shade, keep the engine running and a/c switched on, and keep the driver-side window down just enough to let the air circulation go on in case for some reason ac stopped working. You should also push the child lock for the window glasses, if your pet is free in the car, he can accidentally push the window down and jump out of the car. Keeping the driver-side window down will also help you access the car in case the dog accidentally locks the doors from the inside. Keeping the window down means the car must be within your eyesight distance or there is a security guard to keep an eye on the car and the pet. In any case, don’t leave the pet unattended for a long time.

6. Use medications if necessary

Not every dog is the same. If your dog is not comfortable with traveling after all these steps you have taken, then you might want to take the help of a vet to get him some prescription medications to ease his travel sickness. These meditations might upset his stomach, so the vet might prescribe some supporting medications to counteract that issue too. Remember, don’t use these medicines without first consulting a vet.

I will also leave a list of a few essential things for traveling dogs.

Must-have accessories for traveling with dogs

When traveling with your dog, always keep a fist aid kit, potty scooper, his favorite toys, some snacks, etc. I will leave links to some innovative prodcuts i have find useful.

Dog water bottle

Whenever you go outside with dogs for a walk or travel in a car keep a water bottle from which the dog can drink directly. It’s very convenient to carry instead of a bowl and a conventional water bottle. There are different models out there, you can choose with one you like. I will leave a link to one of those.
Foodie Puppies Dog Water Bottle, Leak Proof Portable Puppy Water Dispenser Drinking Feeder Pet Care Cup for Outdoor Walking, Hiking, Travel (12 Oz / 350ml, Color May Vary)

Car seat cover for dogs.

If you own a big SUV you might not need it because you keep the dog safely in the back of the SUV in a transportion cage. For all others with hatchbacks and sedans, this seat cover is useful. It will protect your car seat from water, hair, etc. I will also create more floor area and comfortable space for dogs.

Deal of the day: Dog Car Seat Cover, Waterproof & Scratch Proof & Nonslip Back Seat Cover, Dog Travel Hammock with Seat Anchors, Machine Washable, Durable, Universal fits All Cars, Pet Cover(Black) (for Hatchback)


Ice gel pads

It’s useful in an emergency, especially with American bullies if they pant heavily or get heat stroke. Rub the pad all over the body to make them cool.

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