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Beagle or American bully micro/pocket? What suits your needs?

We- Thehominids Kennel  the best Dog Kennel in Kerala sell a good number of beagle puppies every month. American bully however is still a new breed, hence a niche market. Beagles are hounds and they were originally bred to hunt small animals. Today nobody goes hunting but thank goodness beagles were cute and beautiful. According to me, it’s a tie between a beagle puppy and a Labrador puppy as far as cuteness is concerned. But, beagles retain the same cuteness even in adulthood while Labrador loses some charm.

American bully on the other hand is a mean and aggressive-looking breed. But looks are deceptive, they are a non-aggressive breed. But don’t get me American bullies are powerful dogs, they just don’t use them against humans. As Jordan Peterson said, I’m just paraphrasing him, if you are weak your peacefulness is just cowardice, actual peaceful nature is when you can the capacity to hurt but you choose not to do it.

An American bully will always keep a stranger guessing, he will be intimidated by the physique of the dog, and its capacity to hurt him. Both the dog as well as the stranger will be afraid of each other. It’s a game of who blinks first. However, American bully does have the potential to be a protector if you train them for that.

Beagles on the other hand have zero protective capacity, all they can do is bark and alert the master. American bully has aggression toward other dogs, beagles, on the other hand, are friendly toward other dogs. Where beagle excels is in its playful nature and good cardio. They can play with you for a long time, they just need some drinks to break in between. Being a muscular breed, American bullies get tired pretty quickly, so you shouldn’t overwork American bullies. They have less heat tolerance as well. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t need air-conditioning and all, they just need the Shadow of a tree.

Beagles are good for apartment living, in house living because of their small size. They have medium-length coats, if you brush them regularly you can keep the hair fall to a minimum. American bullies are even better for apartments because their hair is so short, you won’t even have hair fall problems.

Beagles have somewhat independent characters, they love you, they play with you and all but they need their space too. They don’t cling to you 24/7. American bullies on other hand will follow you like a Shadow.

American Bully is well mannered than a beagle. An untrained beagle will jump up on you with happiness when they see you, they will stand and reach out to dining tables, etc. American bullies don’t tend to do such things, their behavior is a bit more controlled.

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